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About us

At Maxx UAV , we specialize in designing and distributing the best products to take your UAV to the maxx! If you're experiencing signal loss at distances shorter than you expected, we can help. If you're a long distance junkie, we can help. Distance ratings provided by manufacturers are in a perfect world scenario with zero interference or obstructions, which account for about 0.001% (educated guess...) of actual pilots! The amplifiers we sell will help punch through interference & obstructions. We don't post expected distances because they vary by the conditions you're flying in. However, you can expect a major increase in signal strength. If you're not ready for the big leagues just yet, you can start off with just an antenna upgrade and go from there. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me either by e-mail or Facebook. 


We offer something that nobody else does, which is the mount that holds it all together in a nice balanced setup, and gives that OEM look & feel. Others leave you to figure out on your own. It's like selling you a turbocharger for your car without mounting hardware. I suppose you could duct tape it all together... 


Since we are printing day in and day out, I often get asked where I source my filaments from. I have been using a few different brands for different reasons. 

Hatchbot PLA

  • Pros - A great filament for your every day use. Strong but flexible enough to bend before snapping. 
  • Cons - Not readily available in Canada. 

PLA+ by eSun

  • Pros - Substantially stronger than regular PLA, holds up to heat much better without warping vs regular PLA 
  • Cons - White is more of an offwhite/ slightly translucent. More prone to stringing than regular PLA.

Now for some exciting news !!

I have teamed up with FIlaments.ca they have a wide portfolio of colours and materials in stock and ready to ship. They are also located in the GTA which means you can pass by their location and pick up if you need it right away! Their pla has great colour, strength similar to the PLA+ without the stringing issues. And great dimensional accuracy! I will be doing some comparison videos soon to show you what they have to offer !